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Perfect bespoke joinery solutions for awkward spaces

Bespoke Joinery Newcastle

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Alcove Joinery

Alcove Joinery - We revel in awkward spaces.

No matter what the awkward space looks like in your home, we have an alcove joinery solution for that space. We can build cabinetry, doors, wall panels, bookcasing, multi-media units or shelving to suit the space and banish that awkward alcove space for good with a unique and stylish piece of bespoke woodwork to make use of that irregular space under your stairs, in your attic or around your fireplace.

display cases newcastle

Display Cases

Display Cases - Show off your ornaments or collectors items in style.

If you are the kind of person that has a passion for collecting or has awards or trophies that you really want to show off, then JMA Joinery Newcastle has the display case solution for your needs.
Your needs might not just be domestic joinery, you might have a commercial joinery requirement for display cases in your retail unit. Your display cases may be old and tired and you want a fresh new look to attract customers to your goods. You might have jewellery to show off, handbags, shoes or clothing.
Whatever the size or the display requirements, JMA Joinery Newcastle can take care of your display case needs.

partitioning newcastle


Partitioning - Divide your space up with style.

You may have an office you wish to divide into cubicles, or you may need to separate your workers from your clients, or need a new meeting room. JMA Joinery Newcastle can provide the partitioning solutions that you require.
Our partioning joinery services are not just for the office environment either. You may have a restaurant, bar or retail units that needs bespoke joinery partioning systems for changing, bathroom or seated booth facilities.
Whatever you need to partion, we can help you out.

bespoke joinery units newcastle

Specialised Units

Bespoke Joinery needs for an individual service.

You may have bespoke joinery needs for the service you provide or you may need a custom made unit in your home for your pc, home entertainment electronics, your laundry/ utility room, shoe storage, cd and dvds or even your attic space. Whatever you need, JMA Joinery Newcastle can devise a bespoke joinery solution for you.

bespoke shelving units newcastle


Shelving - Secure and functional, yet stylish.

In your home you may have a lot of things that could be stored a bit better and you are not sure where to put them. You might have some space not being used beside your fireplace, above your picture rail, under your stairs or a wall space that doesn't really accomodate regular furniture. JMA Joinery Newcastle can create a one of a kind shelving solution to solve your particular problem.
Even if you have a small box room or a small bedroom that is no longer used for it's original purpose and you fancy treating yourself to a walk-in wardrobe we can build the shelving units for you to your specific requirements.

shop fitting services newcastle

Shop Fitting Newcastle

Shop Fitting Newcastle - Make your shop stand out with a new fresh look.

JMA Joinery Newcastle has been fitting out shops in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area for over 45 years. It is likely that you have been in one of the shops that we have fitted out in the past.
Your display may be tired looking, out of date, broken or you have inherited a shop fit that doesn't suit the goods that you sell.
JMA Joinery Newcastle can custom fit your shop for your specific retail needs.

walk in wardrobe fitting newcastle

Walk-In Wardrobes

Walk In Wardrobe - It's extravagent, but you really do deserve one.

It is a lifestyle accessory that is very extravagant and is a less expensive joinery service than you would think. A walk-in wardrobe is a fantastic way of organising all of your clothing and footwear into one space in a very special way.
How your walk-in wardrobe is laid out is entirely up to you. If you need drawers for watches and socks, shelving for jewellery, drawers for t-shirts and jumpers and rail space for shirts and dresses, you really can have it laid out your way.
All you need a is a suitable space to put it. Small box rooms or disused bedrooms are ideal for this purpose. Let JMA Joinery Newcastle give you the custom made walk-in wardrobe you've always wanted.

Joinery Newcastle

All of your genral joinery needs in one place.

Fitted Joinery Newcastle

fitted wardrobe services newcastle

Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobes - Maximise your space and style.

Wardrobes are an essential part of any bedroom, and fitted wardrobes are very desirable these days. There are two main reasons why fitted wardrobes are increasing in popularity compared to a traditional free-standing wardrobe. One is that they can be customised so they fit in with the overall design of the bedroom. Secondly they maximise the space in the bedroom as they are designed to perfectly fit the space. This will help with cleaning and will increase the value of your house.

bespoke bookcases newcastle

Book Cases

Book Cases Made - Store your books with style.

It is the case in many homes that you have books sitting around the house in boxes, shut away in a spare room or just sitting in rows on the floor waiting for you to get around to storing them properly somewhere.
JMA Joinery Newcastle are experts in bespoke bookcases and shelving units. We can make standard book cases to a specific size that is regular or we can custom make your bookcase so that you have different shelving size options or we can build your book case so that your shelves are movable to accomodate changing needs in the future.

bespoke wooden lockers newcastle

Personal Lockers

Gym Lockers - Have your gym changing rooms fitted with bespoke lockers.

JMA Bespoke Joinery & Alcove Solutions have the design and manufacturing expertise to produce bespoke lockers to suit individual client requirements. Lockers can be tailor-made for each gym changing room installation from an almost limitless range of options and enhancements. Different sizes, configurations, materials, design details and locking systems are available to create a locker solution that satisfies the style and security demands of each project. Please contact our design team to discuss your ideas.

radiator covers made newcastle

Radiator Covers

Handmade Radiator Covers - Stylish covering solutions.

Modern radiators are a lot better looking than they used to be, but designer radiators are expensive and if you have old radiators, they tend to stick out like a sore thumb in your room and the pipes are ugly.
JMA Joinery Newcastle can create a stylish bespoke radiator cover made at any size to cover up your metal radiators. They can be made out of hardwood or can be made out of modern versatile materials like MDF. The built in bonus of a radiator cover is the additional shelving space they provide.

hand made fitted wooden units newcastle

Handmade One Off Wooden Units

Skirting Boards Fitted - Tidy up your walls with new skirtings.

Bespoke and hand made wooden furniture is key to everything that we produced. At JMA Joinery & Alcove Solutions, we try to keep production methods as traditional as possible. The nature of what we do doesn’t allow mass production as every piece of furniture or kitchen unit is made as a one off, making your wooden cabinets totally unique.

furniture painted newcastle

Wood Painting

Wood Painting Newcastle - Have your wood or wooden furniture painted professionally.

The Spray Shop offers a comprehensive finishing service to both domestic and commercial customers.
Treasured family pieces can be repaired and refinished to give them a whole new lease of life.
Existing furniture can be transformed without the expense of buying new.
Display cabinets for shops and exhibitions can be built and finished to you exact specifications.
Artwork can be sprayed in any colour from Black to Rock Candy Red!
A colour-matching service is available so any colour can be achieved.

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Outstanding Joinery Service

Alcove Joinery Newcastle - An Alcove joinery solution Nearly all houses have an awkward space that remains unused and is full of potential, JMA Joinery & Alcove Solutions can fill that empty void.
Bespoke Joinery Newcastle - Awkward Spaces Transformed Walk in wardrobes, shelving units, porch canopies, timber panelling, internal partitioning... if it can be constructed out of timber,we can make it.
General Joinery Newcastle- Anything Wood JMA Joinery can provide custom solutions for any joinery requirements. We combine traditional knowledge and skills with contemporary design.